Safety Labs Кацига VOX во боја и величина по избор

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Safety Labs Кацига VOX во боја и величина по избор

Dirt, gravel, roots, rocks, sand, bike, or park, whatever you choose to ride, the Vox meets the demand. Superior impact protection is built into the Vox’s sturdy polycarbonate in-mold shell bonded to a shock-absorbing EPS liner. This helmet has been designed exclusively for all types of mountain bikers. A visor prevents sun and rain from spoiling your 20/20, and multiple air vents keep your head cool without compromising safety. Protection and comfort come together into the perfect helmet for beginners, pros alike and every shredder in between

Extended design with protective visor and straps:

  • Aerodynamic and lightweight pro design with sleek padded straps and visor that provides protection from sun and rain

Strong PC in-mold construction

  • Strong dual-layer PC in-mold construction bonded to a shock-absorbing EPS liner for maximum protection

Ideal ventilation and comfortable padding

  • Superior ventilation with fifteen air vents and soft interior padding with sleek straps and ITW buckle

Pro 36Oº dial adjustment system

  • 360° Dial Adjustment System for a fine-tuned fit


  • M: 54-57 cm
  • L: 57-61 cm

Color: White,Black

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